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Our Law Firm provides online closing services, a suitable alternative to a traditional personal closing. In the current coronavirus / COVID-19 situation the online closing services enable you to close a real estate transaction, a company acquisition transaction, a company registration and several other legal transactions remotely from your home or office wherever you are in the world. Ijjas Law Firm has the technical and legal skills and knowledge to get you to the closing of your transaction remotely. Online closing can be executed by you or the authorized person signing the closing documents remotely or alternatively it is also possible, that our designated person will sign the necessary documents on your or the authorized person’s behalf based on a power of attorney. 


Remote Online Signature Authentication

Remote Online Signature Authentication uses specific technology video and authentication procedures approved by the Hungarian Regulations. Our Law Firm can authenticate your signature remotely on a document prepared by our Law Firm after proper remote identification process which can be executed online via a recorded videocall.  It means, that you can sign the necessary corporate or other legal document from your home or office and we can authenticate your signature remotely. It enables you to close your planned transaction or issue a legal document with signature authentication without leaving your home. Our Law Firm provides countersigning authentication issued by an Attorney-At-Law which has the legal power of a private document providing full evidence.


Power of Attorney - Closing Agent

Our Law Firm can prepare a Power of Attorney for you and can authenticate your signature on the Power of Attorney by countersigning the document. The authentication process can be performed online which means, that you do not have to leave your home to sign a Power of Attorney, the entire process can be executed remotely. It is also possible, that our attorney will sign the necessary documents on your behalf based on a power of attorney. The power of attorney can be signed remotely with proper signature authentication which can be executed online. Our office is located in the award winner premium category Roosevelt office building in the heart of the City next to the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest within a couple of meters from the river Danube and the Chain Bridge, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and St. Stephen’s Basilica.


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Phone: +36 20 3427517

Contact person: Dr. Balázs Ijjas


Ijjas Law Firm

Roosevelt Office Building, C Tower, 1st floor
7-8 Széchenyi István square, Budapest, 1051


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